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Chalo Azad Maidan 22 April : All India Muslim Personal Law Board Convention

All India Muslim Personal Law Board has decided to hold its 20th General Convention in Mumbai on Sunday, April 22, 2012 5:00 pm. People are requested to attend 22nd General Session of Board and to see that it is successful.

Tahaffuze Shariah which was established forty years ago, now has plans to enter the arena of new challenges with and correct intention and renewed ambition, with constancy, steadfastness. This is because the Board has a fund of good wishes for Muslims, which is one of the defining characteristics of the ‘khaire ummah’ so that not only our society but the whole country may be illuminated with the light of Shariah.

RTE, Income Tax Law, Legacy Rule in Agricultural Property are new challenges facing the Board, and if Muslims of India in general and Muslims of Mumbai in particular stand by All India Muslim Personal Law Board in the same way as they did forty years back then the day is not much far when Muslims will obtain their lost position and leadership rather than languishing in the slather of victim hood. Insha’Allah!

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